• 2015 Zalazar, Ana Sofia and Rodriguez, Sebastian and Ballejos, Luciana, Toward a Semantic Representation of Legal Aspects in Cloud Computing, In 3er Congresso Internacional de Direito e Contemporaneidade: mídias e direitos da sociedade em rede. V Congresso Iberoamericano de Investigadores e Docentes de Dereito e Informática (CIIDDI 2015), 2015.
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      Resumen: Cloud computing is a business paradigm with two important roles: provider and consumer. Providers offer services (e.g. web application, web services, databases) and consumers pay for using them. The use of frameworks and methodologies in previous works in this area was focused on particular characteristics (e.g. security, availability, privacy, performance), while the goal of this research is to focus on legal aspects of cloud service agreements. In order to address it, a conceptual model is introduced, that is the conceptualization of cloud service domain, and a ontology is proposed for analyzing the legal aspects of cloud agreements and online documents (service level agreements, terms of use, terms of services, etc.). Finally, some recommendations are presented for cloud consumers when they adopt services (specially for personal storage and data sharing).