• 2017 Will, Adrian, Autonomous demand-side management system for peak shaving and energy optimization in electricity distribution networks, In 2017 International Conference on Infocom Technologies and Unmanned Systems (Trends and Future Directions) (ICTUS), 2017.
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      Resumen: Peak loads during summer periods are a serious problem in tropical and subtropical climates around the world, that provoke serious damages or shortens the lifespan of electricity distribution equipments (in particular Distribution Transformers). Moreover, the electricity distribution network is sometimes unable to satisfy the demand in those periods, what rises the need of Demand-Side Management Systems in order to bound or lower the electricity consumption in some area or building. In many cases, especially in Argentina and South America, this situation is due to an excessive number of Air Conditioning Devices working at the same time in a very hot summer afternoon.We present in this work an Intelligent Autonomous Demand-Side Management System capable of controlling Air Conditioners and other Thermo controllable devices, in order to respect a certain total electricity consumption limit while maintaining as much as possible the Human Thermal Comfort of the users. The system is based on Artificial Immune Systems and implemented using Multi-Agent Systems. Once properly installed in the devices to be controlled, is designed to run in a fully autonomous way and issuing only occasional reports and alarms. Human supervision or external communication is mainly required to modify the energy consumption limit, in order to decrease the consumption at the reference point (usually a Distribution Transformer or main electricity line of a building).