• 2011 Majorel Padilla, Nicolás and Décima, Agustín and Will, Adrian and Rodriguez, Sebastian and Diez, Oscar, OPTIMIZATION OF SUGAR CANE TRANSPORTATION IN TUCUMáN USING MULTIAGENT SYSTEMS, Iberoamerican Journal of Industrial Engineering, 3(2): 103—119, 2011.
    • Tipo: Artículo


      Resumen: This paper aims to show the development of a mathematical model and a Multiagent System for optimizing the transport of sugar cane, from the farm to the mill. This optimization involves considering factors such as the efficiency of cane production, the performance of the mills, transportation costs, etc., making it a complex problem. Our proposal seeks to maximize the energetic balance of the whole system, taking into account various operational constraints, looking for a scalable and parallelizable system, considering the size and complexity of the problem. The system was tested with synthetic data and compared with a similar one based on linear programming, developed in a previous work. The results show that our system is suitable for the proposed problem, with similar results in considerable less time.