• 2020 Bustos, Jorge and Jimenez, Victor A and Will, Adrian, A comparison of different types of Niching Genetic Algorithms for variable selection in solar radiation estimation, arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.06036, 2020.
    • Tipo: Artículo


      Resumen: Variable selection problems generally present more than a single solution and, sometimes, it is worth to find as many solutions as possible. The use of Evolutionary Algorithms applied to this kind of problem proves to be one of the best methods to find optimal solutions. Moreover, there are variants designed to find all or almost all local optima, known as Niching Genetic Algorithms (NGA). There are several different NGA methods developed in order to achieve this task. The present work compares the behavior of eight different niching techniques, applied to a climatic database of four weather stations distributed in Tucuman, Argentina. The goal is to find different sets of input variables that have been used as the input variable by the estimation method. Final results were evaluated based on low estimation error and low dispersion error, as well as a high number of different results and low computational time. A second experiment was carried out to study the capability of the method to identify critical variables. The best results were obtained with Deterministic Crowding. In contrast, Steady State Worst Among Most Similar and Probabilistic Crowding showed good results but longer processing times and less ability to determine the critical factors.