• 2016 Araujo, Pedro and Rodriguez, Sebastian and Hilaire, Vincent, A metamodeling approach for the identification of organizational smells in multi-agent systems: application to ASPECS, Artificial Intelligence Review, 49(2): 183—210, 2016.
    • Tipo: Artículo


      Resumen: Software Quality is one of the most important subjects in the Process Development Software, especially in large and complex systems. Much effort has been devoted to the development of techniques and concepts to improve software quality over the years. We are especially interested on smells, which represent anomalies or flaws in the design/code that can have serious consequences in maintenance or future development of the systems. These techniques have a strong development in the Object Oriented paradigm, however, very few studies were conducted in the agent oriented paradigm. In this paper we focus on the detection of design smells applied to multiagent systems models based on the organizational approach, named Organizational Design Smells (ODS). Early and automatic detection of these ODS allows reducing the costs and development times, while increasing the final product’s quality. To achieve this objective, validation rules were defined based in the EVL language. The approach is illustrated with two examples, their validation rules, and the refactoring solutions proposed.