Metrics applied to the Organizational Models of MultiAgent Systems


Like any other engineering process, the Agent-Oriented software development requires measurement as a base mechanism for feedback and evaluation. Measurement, as well as feedback, represents an important aid for everyone involved in the development process. It facilitates the understanding and control of the software production process, products, and relationships between them. It helps to make intelligent decisions and is necessary to promote a continuous improvement process. At the same time, measurement should be focused based on objects and models. It is necessary to establish objectives for various processes and products, but at the same time, they must be developed based on appropriate and measurable models. When dealing with complex systems, whose development demands considerable time, cost reduction is a crucial aspect and a constant industry requirement. Having accurate measurements on the process execution and product evolution is a priority objective for developing the theory.
The main objective of this project is the definition of a robust and consistent set of metrics that allow sizing SMA organizational models, capturing their static and dynamic dimensions (both behaviors and interactions) in order to obtain a software product with a good level of quality in each software development cycle, reducing costs and time.
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