Energy Inteligent Management and Optimization II


The Smart Grids represent a new paradigm to the electric distribution network, that allows an improve to resource management, the quality of service, and reduce overload problems. The present project is focused on the extreme consumption generated by the uses of hundred or thousands of Air Conditioning Devices in a short period. That is a common problem in countries with a tropical and subtropical climate. This effect is known as Peak Load Problem, and the overload generates several damages in both medium and low voltage transformers and other types of equipment that constitute the distribution network.
In the present project, tools based on Artificial Intelligence are used to tackle the Peak Load Problem, such as Multi-Agent Systems, Artificial Immune System, and Genetic Algorithms. From the energy viewpoint, the project uses a Demand-Side Management approach to control energy demand. This strategy is oriented to reduce the impact of the Peak Loads transparently or imperceptibly to the electric consumer.
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