Cane Sugar Transport Optimization for Tucumán


Sugar cane transport from the producers in the country to the factories for processing is a complex process with many variables and operating restrictions. A realistic solution to the problem requires to consider many different aspects and constraints. However, despite its economic importance for Tucuman (where it represents 40% of the PBI of the province), this transportation does not present a planned schedule, producing financial losses for both the producers and the factories. Moreover, this problem has a significant impact on fuel consumption, environment, road maintenance, etc., due to the high volumes transported by public roads, on all kind of vehicles. The objective of the project is to develop a planning tool to assist in the scheduling of this process, allowing a global improvement of the production process, respecting operational and production restrictions. It would also improve the output by diminishing transportation and parking times, improve road security through less and more planned traffic through roads, etc.


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